Some Marathon fun, and some base training!

The last few months, since I got the great news that I qualified a spot for the Rio Olympics, have been a mix of enjoying some local company and two local river races.


I paired up with Michele Burn who recently became a mom for the 2015 Fish River canoe marathon and SA K2 River championships. We really had a super race, it wasn’t flawless as we managed to have a small swim on day 1 and day 2, however we really combined well and I thoroughly enjoyed driving down this river again for the first time since 2004. All the previous fish races I was a back seat paddler. The clean water was amazing and the hospitality is Cradock was great as usual.


I was sure this was the only river I would do, however Donna Tutton put the idea in my head to paddle the Ozzie Gladwin with her. I decided it would be fun idea during my base season to put some extra mileage in my arms and legs! We had a consistent run and really tried to go hard on the paddle too , we finished 30th overall and 2nd ladies K2. This one day event in clean water was so much fun but it had to be the last river race for the season.

I have spent many days with many kilometres paddling on camps drift since November, I have been lucky to have Abby Solms join me for many of these paddling sessions. We partnered up for a night race and quite a few Thursday night timetrials, which were great to learn some combining skills and enjoy the K2 competition during a K2 river season. I have also been running more in a running group, which has been great especially because I didn’t go cross country skiing as previous years. Doing some sessions in Durban with Hayley Arthur has mixed up my gym work a little; it’s great fun having a small gym group with Hayley, Jenna Ward and Vanda Kiszli. One of the hardest parts during my week was often the bio session at EAP with Nicky Irvine, we have been working hard to improve all the weaker, smaller muscle groups.


I am confident that all my training has been going quite well for a base phase, I am very excited for the rest of the season as I move closer to the sprint races.

Next stop is New Port beach in California for a training camp with some international sprinters.



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