Newsletter number 4

What has happened since my last newsletter?

Its been just over two months since the world cup circuit in europe, and now I really can say it’s a count down to the Rio Qualifications at World championships towards the end of August in Milan.


It was really great to return home in June and race the SA marathon championships in Pietermaritzburg, it’s been my training base for the last two years. It was wonderful to have such a large paddling community travel to compete and support fellow paddlers. We were hit with a challenging winter spell however that never got anyone down, the event produced some superb duels which created an extremely strong and large marathon team to tour to Gyor in Hungary during September.  Two paddlers are chosen per event so Nikki Russell and myself will be representing South Africa in the woman’s senior category.

The following weekend saw a smaller crowd gather at Nagle dam to choose the final spots for the U/23 and Senior world championships.  Only 1 boat can race for South Africa per event.  I didn’t want to peak for this event, so I just used it as a time trial at the end of a week of training.

Since these two races I decided to travel to USA for two weeks to do a training camp block with Michele Eray, who is working and coaching over there.  I trained mostly with one of the USA girls from the K2, Maggie Hogan.  We had some tough but good sessions together, even though some days the heat was really crazy (I should be used to the heat) so we trained early and late which allowed for good rest between our paddling sessions.  The gym facility was great to work in at their boathouse.  I just had to exercise my brain converting pounds to Kg during my gym sessions.

So far I believe training has been great, the true test is however against the rest of the world in Milan. I have had a small bout of flu this past week,  so I hope this wont have any negative affects on racing. I am getting excited to leave South Africa on 28 July to compete in a marathon world cup short course race.  I will use this event to wake up my racing muscles and nerves as its not very long. I can then support Andy Birkett and Greg Louw in the long course event the next day.  The guys will head off to Sella In Spain after that and I travel to Portugal for a two-week training camp, I will get to use a NELO Cinco there too getting it ready to race! The summer weather will be welcomed for sure; the next stop is the big event in Milan; World championships!

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