World Cup2 done!

CLOSE RACING AT ITS BEST AGAIN! The world cups this year are very close to each other which does not allow for many changes to occur training wise between them, but learning how to race against the best in the world changes for sure! I left Poznan on Monday and  arrived in a really calm […]

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World cup 1 reflections!

POZNAN, POLAND 6 Heats, 4 semis.. I feel like its almost a repeat of world championships in Szeged, Hungary last year! However this time I was racing in the A-final.  A world cup in Poznan, Poland with no strong tail wind to cause huge waves and no rain or freezing weather!  REALLY is that possible […]

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Just some chit chat, good luck and congratulations!..

Hi all I am currently on a training camp in Austria for anyone wondering where in the world I am at the moment, I am being called the jet setter by everyone back home as they cant keep up to date with all my travels.  But it must be done to train with a good […]

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Training camps in Europe! Seville,Spain

My first paddling training camp in Europe for the 2012 season started off with a chill!  I didn’t admire the weather forecast upon leaving sunny South Africa, however I thought I had finally pack appropriately.  I seem to keep getting it wrong, I guess the clothing in SA in just not made for cold days.. […]

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